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  • Dances With Light

    Dances With Light Mixed Media


    “Dances With Light” is a contemporary, mixed media, interpretive painting on canvas. Shades of colours dance,  illuminated in this interpretive abstract study of light and movement. The sweep of a damask swirl of translucent cloth sets a symphonic stage of ephemeral life force; unveiling the eternal healing nature of the fluid cycle of life. It speaks…

  • Flight Of The Bougainvillea

    Flight Of The Bougainvillea Mixed Media


    “Flight Of The Bougainvillea” is a contemporary, mixed media, interpretive painting on canvas. Fire, air, whispers old, brushstrokes the soul… lose yourself in this luxuriant, interpretive, abstract landscape as birds sketched across a burnt orange sky swoop, calling past the deeper, textured layers of ancient moth motifs. Laced in moss green, there is so much…

  • Tarantella

    Tarantella Mixed Media


    “Tarantella” is a contemporary, interpretive, mixed media painting on canvas. Tarantella flirts the vibrant quick, light steps and upbeat tempo of the dance, circling within the life of the speaking garden. The deeper symphony equally unveils itself as brilliant carmine, citrus orange and umber mingle with the soft brush of chalk pastel blue and grey….

  • The Presence Of Absence

    The Presence of Absence Mixed Media


    “The Presence of Absence” is a contemporary, mixed media, interpretive romantic painting on canvas. Lovers in sand shades bask… the dog has been there, the rich wine has spilled; food dragged along the table cloth. The bohemian scents of dogs and missing flowers fill the air, as people creep. Where am I in all of…

  • The Whispers

    The Whispers Mixed Media


    “The Whispers” is a contemporary, mixed media, interpretive painting on canvas. Shh, shh, shhh. The Whispers? The whispers old and new: strong, lithe, iridescent trees brushstroke the soul. The infinite beach brushed hue. The wind the trees enhance; voices known and unknown stretch the beach. Textured, layered, deep…..the spirits sing, the whispers speak.

  • Zen Garden

    Zen Garden Gouache


    “Zen Garden” is mixed media on Bockingford paper. Tranquility resides in this calming interpretive and mindful, contemporary painting. Everywhere there is balance – from trees to rocks, from vibrant pink mountain warriors to soothing green water spirits, from dense rocks to quivering trees. Water eclipses plants which eclipses sky. A little waterfall is music; the…